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Heaven & Earth

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  Kunthi.jpg (69644 bytes)




Kunthi's Dilemma

acrylic on silk

29 x 21"

elephants2.jpg (57883 bytes)

ElephantsI.jpg (38627 bytes)Elephants in the Spring I and II

acrylic on silk

11.5 x 9"


Tigers.jpg (61430 bytes)

Tigers at the Waterhole

acrylic on silk

30 x 22"

battle1.jpg (66827 bytes)    battle2.jpg (57656 bytes)


Battle I and II

acrylic on paper

15 x 21"

vedicwomen.jpg (80195 bytes)




Vedic Women

acrylic on paper

21 x 28.5"

  Heroes.jpg (54216 bytes)

Heroes of the Panchanthra

acrylic on silk

10 x 15.5"

Manzil.jpg (59116 bytes)


acrylic on paper

11 x 14"

During her childhood, education and career Ms. Jayaraman traveled throughout India, enjoying unique opportunities to learn much about the various geographical, religious and cultural differences of the country. The awareness of and respect for these differences is evident in her paintings. Her artistic endeavors literally began in pre-school and are hallmarked by her ability to create bold, colourful images, often juxtaposed with painstaking, intricate details.

Dreaming.jpg (63971 bytes)

Dreaming one afternoon

acrylic on paper

11 x 14" 

Uloopi.jpg (53093 bytes)

Waiting for Arjuna

acrylic on paper


chess.jpg (84490 bytes)

From the Land of Chess

acrylic on paper


angels.jpg (50427 bytes)


acrylic on paper

12 x 18"




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