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 Kunthi's dilemma
29 x 21," acrylic on silk

"As a young girl Kunthi showed respectful devotion and care to the sage Durvasas.  Pleased with her attention, Durvasas bestowed upon her the ability to summon the god of her choice who would then bless her. One morning she was struck by the beauty of the rising sun, and with the curiosity of a child, decided to summon Surya (the Sun God). To her amazement and then horror, she realizes that Surya's blessing is his own son, Karna. To escape the shame of being an unwed mother, Kunthi places Karna in a basket and sets him afloat in the river. Later, he is found by the childless charioteer Adhiratha and his wife.  They are delighted to have a child and raise him as Radheya. The secret of Karna's birth remained with Kunthi until the end of the Mahabharatha war and it is said that not a day went by without her regreting her action.

I remember my Sanskrit master describing in detail the dilemma Kunthi faced and the curiousity that got her into trouble."



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