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Born in Quilon, Kerala, India.  Currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Work Experience and Education

Served as Assistant Collector of Customs Central Excise and Narcotics.  Duration with the Indian Revenue Service, 1981-1989.

Completed Master's Degree in International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. 1980

Completed Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Madras University. First place in State of Madras, 1978.

Completed diploma in Journalism, Madras University, 1978.

Studied South Indian classical music for 11 years, and Mohini Attam and Kathakali dance for 5 years.

Exhibits and Awards

Medium: Acrylic on silk and paper, oils, watercolors, and ceramic.

Paintings exhibited in private collections include "The Elephant Walk" at the Governor's residence, Nashville, Tennessee.

Exhibited paintings at the South Main Art District inaugural, at the Hudson Hall Central Station, Memphis, Tennessee. Sponsored by the city of Memphis and inaugurated by Mayor of Memphis Willie W. Herenton.  May 12, 2000.

Exhibited paintings at the SNS Designs Kaveri Gallery in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. November-December 1999.

Attended workshop on Tanjore paintings conducted by Shri Dinakar Reddy at Madras, India. July-August 1998.

Exhibited paintings at Maxwells Restaurant, Memphis, Tennessee. May-July 1997.

Exhibited paintings at the German Town Performing Centre, Germantown, Tennessee. November-December 1996.

As Artist of the Month, exhibited paintings for Bookstar, Memphis, Tennessee. April-May 1996.

Exhibited paintings at the Memphis International Airport, Delta lobby. Sponsored by Art Village Gallery, Dobbs International, First Friday Inc., Memphis Airport Authority, Memphis Convention and Visitors' Bureau, and Union Planters Bank. February-March 1996.

Invited by the Kerala Kala Peetom to conduct a slide presentation and lecture at Cochin, Kerala, India. July 1995.

Held month-long exhibition of paintings at the Shering-Plough Corporate Office lobby, 3030 Jackson, Memphis, Tennessee. May 1995.

Exhibited painting titled "A Message for Freedom" at the Soku Gakkai International Center, Memphis, Tennessee, in connection with the Southern Womens Conference on Human Rights. May 1995.

Exhibited paintings and lectured for the University of Memphis, Department of Art, Memphis, Tennessee. April 1995.

Exhibited paintings at the Rust College Holly Springs, Mississippi. The Tupelo W.T.V.A. Channel 9 also televised an interview and feature on the artwork. March 1995.

Exhibited paintings at the Minifest Fine Arts Festival, Oak Court Mall, Memphis. Sponsored by Memphis Promotions and the American Music and Art Society. November 1994.

Exhibited silk painting titled "The Marriage" at the National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee, in connection with the program, "More than simply black and white: civil rights and our multicultural society". November 1994.

Unveiled and exhibited silk painting titled "The Vaikkom Temple Entry Sathyagraha 1924" at Woodlands Hills Cordova, Tennessee, in connection with the 125th birth anniversary of Mahathma Gandhi, sponsored by the MK. Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence, November 1994.

Participated in a month-long International Art exhibition at the Art Village Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee. December 1993.

Awarded Honorable Mention from the W.K.N.O Gallery Ten Art and Antiques Auction held at Memphis, Tennessee. November 1993.

Exhibited paintings at the Everest Art Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee. August 1993.

Illustrated the cover design for the International Law Book Legal Regime of Islands, Marwah Publications,New Delhi, India. 1982

Exhibited paintings at the YMCA Trivandrum, Kerala, India.  1985

Exhibited paintings in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, for the Indian Council of Cultural Affairs. 1985.

Awarded first prize at the 1981 All India Civil services Painting and Cartooning Competitions held at the Lal Bahadur Shasthri National Institute of Administration, Mussorie, India.



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