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 The Bhanjaras of Hyderabad
20 x 26", acrylic on paper 

"The Lambaris, Rabaris, and Bhanjaras are all groups of nomadic Indian gypsies. As a child, I remember seeing them set up camps near the dilapidated ruins of old Hyderbadi palaces of the Nizams. The idea of their nomadic life and adventure would fill me with such thrill and excitement.

Bhanjara women embroidered their colourful dresses with mirrors that glistened in the sun. They wore backless blouses with heavy bone bangles on their upper arms and lots and lots of silver jewelry. Many also carried parrots in cages who picked tarot cards and told your future."

In some legends, the Bhanjaras originally came from Rajasthan.  Following armies, they became suppliers to the forces, providing food and information, to either or both of the warring parties.  Today campfire songs are still sung about their daring exploits.  The men, lean and muscular, the women vibrantly attired, all possessing the dignity of their Rajasthani ancestors.



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